Said of Pete Wilke's Music


"The album only took one play to grab my attention. It only took two plays to hook me. And with only three plays my early advice is obvious – this one’s a keeper.”
     George Peden, COUNTRY STARS ONLINE click for full review

"Pete Wilke's vivid a gamut of real feelings - from tender and warm to angry and hurt to ultimately triumphant and celebratory."

"Wilke's songs cover a wide range of the country spectrum...everything from rousing honky-tonk to tears-in-the-beer weepers."
     John McElligott, Jr. ORANGE COUNTY WEEKLY

“Pete Wilke has been chosen as October’s ‘Artist of the Month” for his fantastic album, DOWN FROM MONTANA.”
     DJ Linda, Live365 Internet Radio - KHBW Country Radio/UK

"2006 has been a great year for music...Another pleasing and understated surprise was the corporate cowboy, Pete Wilke..."
     Country Stars Online "Year In Review" click for full article


Great CD!
Reviewer: Chuck and Lynn Watts
Heard about this CD on a local low band FM Station and I loved it! Bought it for my husband for Christmas! As a native Montanan (Lynn) and a wannabe native (Chuck), the first song is absolutely right on the money as far as leaving and coming back! Even though we've had opportunities to leave since moving back to Montana 11 years ago, the Flathead has kept us right here and marching through to great times. The more we listen to it, the more we love it!

Great music with thought-provoking lyrics, awesome CD!
Reviewer: Mark Wilke
Excellent CD! The songs are heart-felt with lyrics that paint a vivid picture, with great vocals and instrumentals conveying real emotions that run the gamut from sadness to humor. Great job!

Reviewer: Lynette Vance
I wake up singing one or the other of your songs...........It's Great!

Perfection of intention very tasty inspiration
Reviewer: j. bwin
I love this stuff. The purity comes right thru these songs. Very inspiring. This is simply one of those perfect albums. Mr. Wilke's story telling brings it on home through a journey of places, feelings and yearning.

It has quickly become a favorite.
Reviewer: Sandra Wilson
Down From Montana has been on our CD changer for two months and we STILL stop to listen when Pete's songs come up. I love the smooth, easy sound of his Brown Grass creations that range from odes to the Big Sky Country (Down from Montana), personal thoughts (Barstool Cowboy) and relationships (The Fool Has Struck Again). Then he tucks in a song (Don't Grow Up Too Fast) that puts to words what many of us have felt. This CD is a gem and I'm glad to have it.

Delicious foray into County Music
Reviewer: Susan Morgenstern
This is a delicious foray into County Music for both newcomers and devoted fans of the genre. The vocals are warm and sweet, like beehive honey dripping slowly on a summer's day. The lyrics hit every emotion and the music is just downright easy-listening in the best possible way. I'm an urban baby, and felt like I was breathing easier as soon as this music started to play. Sit back, put your feet up, and enjoy!

Mellow, meaningful country songs...
Reviewer: Mandy Rainbeck
Found this guy on MySpace and really liked his sound...very mellow, very heartfelt, with lyrics that really touch the chords. There is, of course, the famous (infamous!) country staple of those drinkin' man sorta songs, but what stands out are the "wrinkles" he talks about: Sea-Tac Airport Nightmare is a unique take on heartbreak and loneliness and Don't Grow